It’s not about the technology. It’s about business and the people making your business successful.

TrecStone provides technology and business consulting services and works primarily with Microsoft 365 (Teams, SharePoint, Microsoft Lists, etc.) and the Microsoft Power Platform. We work with organizations to understand the value of M365 and supporting technologies, how it can be used within the organization and how it can be successfully implemented. We also work at the team level to understand the day to day activities of business users, aligning their needs with the capabilities of technology tools.

Get the most out of your Microsoft 365 investment
Many organizations have already invested in Microsoft 365, Teams, and SharePoint for one solution or another. In many cases, while this entry-point works well, there are a wide variety of areas where Teams, Lists, or SharePoint capabilities are underutilized: its potential remaining unfulfilled. TrecStone can assist organizations in understanding those capabilities, prioritizing potential solutions and implementing them successfully.

Empower your users to power your business
Millions of people use Teams and SharePoint every day, with new users being added at an incredible rate.  Unfortunately, most users don’t have the training or experience to understand the capabilities across the M365 suite of products within their organization. TrecStone can assist not only with the general feature and functionality education, but more importantly with mentoring on best practices of when and how to use each products’ features effectively.

TrecStone contributes to and participates in local and regional M365 and technology events. Be sure to check out what might be helpful to your organization and what’s coming up.
M365 Twin Cities (#M365TC)
M365 Twin Cities events are free local, and regional, mini-conference events for educating, networking and sharing information about M365, Teams, SharePoint, and more…  Events generally happen twice a year, around Spring and Fall.
Note: With the COVID interruption to public events, we’re in the process of spinning our events back up. Keep up to date by joining our Facebook page or signing up for email notifications on the M365TC site.